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The Wiggles Discography:

Australian releases on CD

1991 The Wiggles

1992 Here Comes a Song

1993 Stories and Songs: The Adventures of Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate

1994 Yummy Yummy

1995 Big Red Car

1996 Wake up Jeff!

1996 Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas

1997 The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack

1998 Toot Toot!

2000 Wiggle Time! (re-recorded)

2000 It's a Wiggly Wiggly World!

2000 Yule be Wiggling

2001 Hoop De Doo! It's a Wiggly Party

2002 Wiggly Safari

2002 Wiggle Bay

2003 Go to Sleep Jeff!

2003 Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins!

2003 Top of the Tots

2004 Cold Spaghetti Western

2004 Santa's Rockin'!

2005 Live Hot Potatoes!

2005 Sailing Around the World

2006 Here Comes the Big Red Car

2006 It's Time To Wake Up Jeff!

2006 Racing to the Rainbow

2006 Christmas Classics

2007 Dorothy the Dinosaur

2007 Getting Strong! Wiggle and Learn

2007 Pop Go The Wiggles!

2008 Dorothy the Dinosaur's Memory Book

2008 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

2008 Sing a Song of Wiggles

2009 Go Bananas!

2009 Hot Potatoes! The Best Of The Wiggles

2009 The Kingdom of Paramithi

2009 Hot Poppin' Popcorn

2009 Dorothy the Dinosaur Meets Santa Claus

2010 Let’s Eat!

2010 Dorothy The Dinosaur's Rockin' Christmas

2011 Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Travelling Show!

2011 Ukulele Baby!

2011 Big Birthday!

2011 It’s Always Christmas with You!

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