Tyrrell Photographic Collection

The Tyrrell Collection consists of 7903 glass plate negatives from the studios of Charles Kerry (1857-1928) and Henry King (1855-1923) who had two of Sydney's principal photographic studios in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Tyrrell Collection provides an important record of city and country life at the time with a number of broad themes: Sydney and suburbs; south coast; Blue Mountains; transport; rural New South Wales; shipping; caves; sports; Indigenous peoples of Australia and the South Pacific.

As of April 2008, many of the Tyrrell images are being progressively released to the Commons on Flickr. You can download medium resolution copies of the Tyrrell images for free from Flickr as well as help us tag and locate them. We are continuing to add new images to the Commons each week. Find out more about this project.

Glass negative, full plate, 'A Shearing Shed', Kerry and Co, Sydney, Australia, c. 1884-1917