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Minecraft100 – Autumn

Be part of The Powerhouse Museums most ambitious Minecraft building collaboration yet this April.

Welcoming all age groups and Minecraft skill levels, this full-day workshop will occupy a custom Minecraft game space in the Powerhouse Museum. Sign the Gamer’s Code of Conduct and enter Minecraft100 featuring 100 game stations, wall-to-wall Minecraft projections and Thinkspace’s own Minecraft augmented reality gallery.

Each day participants in Minecraft100 will produce a different world, such as Sonic the Hedgehog or a Mario Cart world, taking inspiration from classic games featured in the current Game Masters exhibition.

Minecraft100 will operate from The Powerhouse Museum’s secure server and unique Minecraft mod, POWERCRAFT,  featuring over 50 unique elements, blocks, textures and items. Make individual builds in the morning in survival mode and collaborative group building projects in creative mode in the afternoon.


$20, Powerhouse Museum members $18

Are your children keen Minecraft players? Are you interested to learn more about the game? This special offer welcomes 5 parents per day into the Minecraft100 event for two hours each morning of the workshop. Be guided through how to play and the benefits of the game. This offer encourages family learning. Purchase your Parent Player ticket HERE.

Minecraft100 will provide:

  • Supervision and in-game moderation by trained education staff
  • One computer per player
  • A Minecraft login profile per player
  • All required technology for the day
  • Fully supervised out-door lunch venue and a morning tea break (byo lunch and snacks)
  • Afternoon presentation period

Please read the essential information before purchasing your ticket.