“It was a separate group with its own norms and its own values. Punk wasn’t a violent thing. It was mostly people just wanting to hang out together and have a laugh.” Jane Dambrauskas, 80s punk

What you wore was often much more than a simple fashion choice in the 1980s. The decade saw a burst of subcultures, with clothing, music and venue the distinctive ‘badges’ of the different urban tribes. Some were revivals of earlier subcultures, like rockabilly and mods, and others like goths and hip hop were completely new phenomena.

Videos from the exhibition

Punks in the 80s: Jane Dambrauskas, Susan Sunandar and Mark Ritchie

Skinheads in the 80s: Penny Newlove

Mods in the 80s: Beccy Connell, Sara Wichall, Gary Hosie, Jonathon Browne and Kirstin Sibley

Goths in the 80s: Jodie Meidling, Rachel Black, David Kendall

Metalheads in the 80s: Robyn Way, Michael Sarantos, Kylie McLaren and Michael Keating

Rockabilly in the 80s: Marc Rondeau

Hip hop in the 80s: Rosano Martinez

Hip hop in the 80s: Spice