17 – 24 March

This week in our 80s flashback, we revisit the wedding of all time with Scott and Charlene tying the knot, Princess Diana, and her Prince of course, impress the locals when they visit Australia for the first time and Madonna does a great job of stirring up controversy with her ‘Like A Prayer’ filmclip.

On the 18th March, 1985, ‘Neighbours’ began on the Seven Network only to be later dropped that year, leaving Channel 10 to pick up the pieces. They gave it a fresh youthful focus by bringing in some of the most popular characters of all time, including Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue as Scott and Charlene respectively. Whilst the wedding was the big moment, who could forget the clothes, the haircuts and the very suburban proposal? Younger fans of Kylie today are sure to get a giggle out of this…

What is now considered the ‘Princess Diana phenomenon’ was in full force on 20 March 1983 when the Prince and Princess of Wales arrived in Alice Springs. The young Diana struck a chord with the populace and gave a boost to the flagging popularity of the royals in Australia (and worldwide).
Click here to see a photograph of the shy Diana with baby Prince William in Alice Springs.

Meanwhile, on 21 March 1989, Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” music video, taped in late December 1988 attracted criticism for its use of Catholic iconography and for the use of cross burning imagery, but also garnered praise for its interpretation of discrimination, rape, and faith. Pepsi dropped Madonna as a spokesperson out of fear the video will cause religious groups to boycott the company.



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