The Lost Princess

Yogesh Purohit


Dress: appliquéd felt flora and fauna motifs hand-stitched on tulle


1400 mm

Artist statement

‘India has a chaos of diverse cultures and people, their unique traditions and ideas, their arts, crafts, textiles and costumes, their music, dances and folklores, each putting up their best. Yet creativity transcends all barriers and speaks a common language of emotions and inspirations.

Could I be any luckier to be born here where history still lives? A place where artisans still indulge in their age-old crafts, where every colour has a texture and every texture has a smell. The souls of these crafts beckons me to adapt and explore. Hence the contemporary expression in appliqué, which is my small attempt of adapting the traditional narrative appliqué work still practised in rural communities of Gujarat in western India.’