Kim Lieberman


300 x 150 x 80


bronze figures with bobbin lace

Artist statement

‘Lace consists of interwoven threads. They are interconnected and influence each other. Both aspects are part of the human experience — our interconnectedness and our influence on each other. I have used traditional lace grounds in a contemporary context to illustrate the concepts of human ‘currents’ and the invisible web that attach our actions through time and space.

In 2006 I started lace-making lessons to support an idea that became a group of works now called Human Constellations. Every Thursday I would drive out to the country to Janis Savage’s house and we would explore the limits of lace. While she taught me to make lace, we found solutions for my conceptual designs and looked at the history, politics and economics of lace. Most relevant to me was the long historical relationship between fine art and lace.’