Anne Farren


970 x 560 mm


Dress: machine-embroidered lace, laser-cut Geraldton Wax motif, drawn thread work, hand embroidery and appliqué on Fuji silk, silk organza, silk habutae

Artist statement

‘I have vivid childhood memories of my first sewing lessons and then a few years later the experiences of learning how to construct an actual garment … a real classic from the 60s … a shift. These memories have stayed with me and have inspired me to revisit the basics of garment construction.

The focus of my recent work is the development of a series of works that ‘play’ with the visual representation of the basic language of garment making and cloth structure; elements such as fabric grain, the ‘block’ and pattern-making codes. The traditions of whitework and lace making inform the creation of the open lace-like structures I use to construct garment forms. Whitework focuses on the application of motifs, symbols and textures that reflect my treasured memories. Mementoes of place and identity are imbedded into a cloth structure which is ‘laced’ together to create the simple shift shape.’