Tomy has a unique eye for pattern. He's translated his eye for pattern to laser printer and produced very fine cut paper patterns that take on a dramatic new life when rolled into three dimensions. The transformation from flat cut card to a 3D form is dramatic and requires the card to be of a certain thickness – not too thick so the card curves easily and not too thin so the sharp edges that spring out hold their crisp shape.

The Moving Pattern

Tomy Ka Chun Leung


600 x 450 x 3 mm (largest)


Sheets (5): Adobe Illustrator, laser-cut pasteboard

Artist statement

‘Having no (formal) education or experience in lace or pattern-making, I have somehow managed (or been told that I have the ability) to make lace from paper. I am interested in creating optical confusions in patterns that create a new perception of a space in both two and three dimensional form.’

Thumbs upHighly commended: Student work

Behind the scenes