Spring Summer Finale 2011

Toni Maticevski


1800 x 500 mm


Dress: silk chiffon, silk crepe-de-chine, silk-satin backed crepe; handmade flowers and rouleaux web lace

Artist statement

‘So much of what I use in design is what is in my direct surroundings. Light, shadows, music, nature and all things modern, collide and juxtapose with each other. Sentiment and emotion are at the core of that expression. If you see and do not feel or have feeling in a work, then it is dead.

In terms of looking at the idea of lace, what it denotes to me is usually an openness, an airy-ness, where shadows live in direct depths and surfaces pertaining to the body they are worn against. A suggestiveness and sensuality, and, in terms of fashion, a real sense of craft. I love all these elements, they connote very different views, contradict, but still work as a harmonious body which is “lace”.’