Shadows of Memory

Michele Eastwood


2450 x 1080 mm


Textiles (2): close-weave calico laser cut into silhouettes, which are backed onto a dissolvable fabric and the fine threads are couched, holding the figures in space

Artist statement

‘In my textile practice I have been using fabric to portray family, memory and history. Much of my work is based on a collection of fabrics that has been passed down through the women in the family. From these fabric scraps, waggas and quilts are pieced together embodying a time, place and memory.

Life-size drawings of family members are appliquéd or hand-embroidered on to these pieced background fabrics. These drawings are made from another collection — family photographs. Through the layering of fabric and images, my own family history is placed into the greater Australian history.

For this work I have taken images of the men and women in my family and created a pair of panels that depict two generations of fathers and daughters. Like family stories the tiny silhouettes cast memory shadows upon the wall. The stories of one generation overlapping the memories of another.’