Neo Lace Gown

Tessa Blazey and Alexi Freeman


1070 x 570 x 350 mm


Dress: silver-plated links, chain and jump rings using jewellery and chain mail construction techniques

Artist statement

‘We set out to give lace a rock ‘n’ roll make-over — taking the fragility and femininity of lace and juxtaposing it with the futurist ideals of the Art Deco period, to create a mercurial gown soft to the touch but metal as anything.

Referencing the tradition of passementerie lace-making, we have sought to reinvigorate the practice of constructing lace from metallic thread. Substituting yarn for chain, and needles for pliers, we aim to forge a common thread between historical lace-making, contemporary craft and fashion design.

A departure from the tradition of lace as a delicate material, our Neo Lace empowers the wearer in an armour-like garment, evoking Joan of Arc leading France into battle or perhaps the opulence of Cleopatra’s coronation. We are interested in the paradox of lace as armour.’