Flora Memento

Robin Wells


600 mm


Neckpiece: etched and hand saw pierced sterling silver sheet hammered to create hollow floral designs, the largest has a 18 ct yellow gold flower

Artist statement

‘Inspiration for this work initially came from finding some of my mother’s old photo albums, in which she had pressed leaves and flowers collected on a road trip around Australia in the 1950s.

The leaves and flowers were still perfectly formed, but incredibly fragile. Some have developed a translucent lace-like quality. I wanted to embody this quality in Flora Memento, to convey the fragile situation of endangered native plants today. In my own garden I have begun planting only native species, including endangered varieties. This has fuelled an even greater compulsion to make work that reflects this keen interest. Flora Memento is a neckpiece to evoke reflection on Western Australia’s fragile native plant species, water shortages and urban sprawl.’