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Hedebo lace tablecloth made by Roma Field in Australia, about 1925.

'Judith puts Holofernes' head in a sack', detail from a biblical tale in needle lace, England, mid 1600s

'Two fishes', bobbin lace by Ludmilla Kaprasova, Czechoslovakia, 1987

a flounce of Venetian gros point needle and bobbin lace, 1650-1675

Visit the Lace Study Centre to view different styles of lace from all over the world, independently research pieces in the Powerhouse Museum’s collection and find out more from the volunteer lace enthusiasts who staff the centre. Everyone with a passion for these intricate and extraordinary textiles, including lacemakers, embroiderers, students and designers, is invited to use this unique resource.

The Lace Study Centre provides access to about 300 of the most significant examples of handmade lace in the Powerhouse Museum’s collection.

The Powerhouse has been collecting lace for more than a century and has one of the best collections in Australia, ranging from fine handmade lace from the late 1500s to more recent machine-made pieces.

Open: 10:00am - 1:00pm weekdays and Saturdays. The Lace Study Centre is supported by volunteers - to ensure the study centre is open on the day of your visit please contact the Volunteer Centre on (02) 9217 0676 on the morning of your visit.

Online resources

pdf icon The Powerhouse Museum 2nd International Lace for Fashion Award 2001 online catalogue
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pdf icon Lace Classification System
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pdf icon Glossary of general lace and lacemaking terms
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pdf icon A Lace Holiday by Christine Johnson

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