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On the beach

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  The little girl running towards the camera in this photograph is on the shore of Lavender Bay in Sydney harbour, possibly in the 1920s-1930s.… More

Mosman Bay in the 1950s

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This is another photograph from the portfolio ‘Twelve beautiful views of Sydney Harbour’ dating from about 1950. This time the image shows Mosman Bay on… More

Circular Quay c 1950, c 1900 and 1999

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The above image shows Circular Quay in about 1950. The city is still quite low rise and is very recognisable as the city in the earlier… More

The explosive past of Powder Hulk Bay, Seaforth

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This photographic print from the 1950′s shows a peaceful view of Middle Harbour in Sydney. The print is titled ‘Powder Hulk Bay’ a name no… More

Watsons Bay Ferry, c 1900

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This image shows Watsons Bay on Sydney Harbour in about 1900. In the centre of the image is the Watsons Bay pier with a ferry… More

Manly – Seven Miles from Sydney and a Thousand Miles from Care

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This photographic print shows Manly Cove in about 1950. The view shows Manly Wharf with its long curved facade and timber clock tower. The old… More

The old Roseville Bridge

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This image shows the first Roseville Bridge which crossed Middle Harbour to the north of Sydney’s CBD. Middle Harbour is the northern arm of Sydney… More

Darling Harbour c 1950

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  This photographic print looks across Darling Harbour, possibly from Balmain east or Goat Island. In the foreground is a sturdy tug boat with other working… More

Horse ferry crossing Sydney Harbour

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This image from the Tyrrell Collection shows a horse ferry arriving at Macquarie Point in around 1900. A large paddle steamer, possibly going to Manly,… More

Garden Island Sydney Harbour when it was still an island

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This image shows the Imperial Navel Depot on Garden Island in Sydney Harbour. It was taken by Henry King probably in the 1890s and shows… More

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