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Garden Island Sydney Harbour when it was still an island

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This image shows the Imperial Navel Depot on Garden Island in Sydney Harbour. It was taken by Henry King probably in the 1890s and shows… More

Swimming at Clifton Gardens pleasure grounds

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This image shows the swimming enclose and pavilion at Clifton Gardens in Sydney Harbour in about 1910. The existing Marine Hotel, Port Jackson dancing pavilion… More

A day at Clifton Gardens pleasure grounds

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This image looks across Chowder Bay on Sydney Harbour to the Port Jackson Pavilion and Pleasure Gardens at Clifton Gardens.  These facilities were a popular attraction… More

Tall Ships in Sydney Harbour

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  The International Tall Ships Festival 1913 is taking place on Sydney Harbour as part of the International Fleet Review  which marks the centenary of the… More

Sailors and the ships cat from about 1895

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The International Fleet Review taking place in Sydney from 3 to 11 October 2013 will bring thousands of sailors from around the world into Sydney. Sydney has… More

Steaming into Sydney Harbour

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  This photograph shows a steamer making the grand entrance through the heads into Sydney Harbour. The picture was taken by Henry King, probably in… More

City views with clocktowers from Lavender Bay

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  This image from Kerry & Co shows a ‘million dollar’ view of  Sydney Harbour and the city taken from Lavender Bay, probably in the… More

Sailing on Sydney Harbour for the Centennial Regatta,1888

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This year, 2013, marks the Centenary of the foundation of Canberra, Australia’s capital. A busy calendar of events has been planned to celebrate this milestone… More

The Point Piper home of aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave from the water

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This photograph shows another view of the house where aviation pioneer, Lawrence Hargrave lived with his family from 1902 until his death in 1915. The… More

Sydney Harbour Bridge construction photographs on Flickr Commons

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The photographs above are a small sample of the 180+ glass plate prints originally taken by the Department of Public Works (Sydney Harbour Bridge Branch) between… More

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