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More pearls in the portrait

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This beautiful postcard image is from the studio of Charles Kerry & Co. The graphic elements of decorative plant and flower forms are in the style… More

Miss Grace Palotta

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Photographs of glamorous theatrical celebrities wearing the latest fashions were very popular with postcard buyers and collectors in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.… More

Cruising on Lake Wallis

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    This postcard shows a wooden cruiser, called ‘Mona’, chugging up a creek, carrying a number of well dressed people, including a couple holding… More

National Park before it was Royal

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This postcard dates from 1907 and shows a scene from the National Park, Sydney. The inscription reads “- National Park with its 56 square miles… More

Upper Mary St., Gympie, Queensland

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This coloured postcard shows the bustling main street of Gympie, Queensland, a town that thrived in the years following the discovery of gold there in… More

Woman in a sensuous pose

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This photograph, from an unattributed studio,  may have been a publicity photograph for a theatre production or could be an example of the genre of tableau… More

Postcard of Hawesbury River Railway Bridge in 1907

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This postcard shows the railway bridge crossing the Hawkesbury River at Brooklyn on the Northern outskirts of Sydney in 1907. The railway bridge was opened… More

Miss Tittell Brune and Mr Douglas Gerrard

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  This is one of a large collection of postcards received by the Hall family of West Maitland between 1905 and 1925 and donated to… More

Postcard from the glory days of Department Stores

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Today many analysts are predicting the demise of the department store due largely to competition from online retailers. However in 1905 the retail emporium was… More

Postcard from Cairo, April, 1915

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This photograph from the Boddington Family Collection shows Clot Bey Street, Cairo, in the early years of the 20th century. The image of a bustling… More

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