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The parasol code

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The meanings attached to the umbrella or parasol varies through history and across cultures. To Freud the umbrella was a phallic symbol.  Jung interpreted it as a… More

Miss Grace Palotta

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Photographs of glamorous theatrical celebrities wearing the latest fashions were very popular with postcard buyers and collectors in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.… More

Portrait E. De Vere

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The highly decorative piece of vertical Art Nouveau style text at the top right of this image spells out the name ‘E. Devere’.  Another photograph… More

Mrs H. Rickards in Toots costume

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This portrait of performer Kate Rickards is one of three in the Powerhouse Museum’s Tyrrell collection showing Mrs Rickards in costume as ‘Toots’, one of… More

Season’s Cheer

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This charming Christmas greeting is from the studio celebrity milliner, Mr John of New York.  It shows Mr John Pico John on the left, a… More

Ladies seated in a Carriage

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This fantastic moment capturing four women and a young girl in a carriage was photographed c. 1880-1923 in Sydney by an unattributed photographer from our… More

Grose Valley from Breakfast Point

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This photograph by Kerry & Co. shows the view towards Grose Valley from Breakfast Point. The photograph, with it’s decoratively inscribed title would most likely have… More

The feathered hat

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The contraposto pose of this woman is an example of a more relaxed approach to studio portrait photography in the early years of the 20th… More

More sailor style

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Sailor style wasn’t only for little boys. Two of the three girls in this photograph wear sailor suits, (including lanyards, which, according to Wikipedia, were… More

Sailor style

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According to Wikipedia, in 1846, the four-year-old Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, was given a scaled-down version of the uniform worn by ratings on the Royal… More

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