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Band, H.M.S. Nelson

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This photograph, taken c. 1880-1900, comes from our Tyrrell photographic collection The following is from our collection record: This photographic negative was taken by the… More

Water week #3

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Water gushed out under enormous pressure when artesian bores were first sunk in the 1880s. They tapped the Great Artesian Basin which is a giant porous sandstone aquifer –… More

Hyde Park: take a tour

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This is one of our images from the Tyrrell collection that we have shared in Flickr Commons and now in Historypin. The original photograph, taken… More

Three little dogs all in a row

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This wonderful photograph comes from the Tyrrell glass plate negative collection and was photographed by Kerry and Co c. 1884-1917. We recently came across this… More

Cootamundra railway disaster

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This photograph from the Museum’s Tyrrell collection shows the aftermath of one of Australia’s worst rail disasters of the 19th century. The accident occurred in… More

Dignity and impudence

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This half plate negative was taken by Kerry and co sometime between 1884-1917 and features two rather differently sized dogs along with the caption ‘Dignity… More

A boy and his dog

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The dog that is the “horse” to this young cowboy seems incredibly tolerant. His rider holds onto his collar, while the dog seems to wait… More

Icicles 15 feet long on New Chum Tailrace

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Charles Kerry (see Trove newspaper interview) was very impressed by the massive icicles hanging from this mining structure at Kiandra. Kerry, who was born in… More

George Street

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This image taken sometime between 1884-1917 comes from our Tyrrell glass plate negative collection. This full plate is titled ‘George Street near Hunter Street’ and… More

Loading overstuffed wool bales onto a ship

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In this photo, we see big fat wool bales being loaded onto a ship in Sydney. These bales have been formed in a hydraulic dumping… More

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