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Catherine Martin’s Oscars dress

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This is the dress that Catherine Martin wore to accept her Oscars award.  This beautiful dress was made by Miuccia Prada and is on display… More

Filming at La Perouse

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  This photograph was taken in February 2012 at La Perouse during the preparation of the Faith Fashion Fusion exhibition which was on display at… More

We love shoes

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This photography was shot in our basement collection store and features some of the shoes from the Joseph Box shoe collection.  The first shoe on… More

Dahl Collings and beach cricket

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This classy shot of designer Dahl Collings at the beach was taken by her husband Geoffrey, probably in England during their tour of Europe in… More

The night before Christmas

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This photograph depicting an idealised moment between a mother and daughter busy trimming their  Christmas tree  is part of a 1954 press release from Eleanor… More

Ladies seated in a Carriage

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This fantastic moment capturing four women and a young girl in a carriage was photographed c. 1880-1923 in Sydney by an unattributed photographer from our… More

Mouse slippers, 1938

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Award-winning author and illustrator Shaun Tan explores this forgotten world in The Oopsatoreum, a fictional tale of a strikingly original but spectacularly unsuccessful inventor called… More

Grose Valley from Breakfast Point

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This photograph by Kerry & Co. shows the view towards Grose Valley from Breakfast Point. The photograph, with it’s decoratively inscribed title would most likely have… More

Beril Jents scrapbook #1

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This photograph is from a large, leather bound scrapbook of material relating to the career of Australian fashion designer Beril Jents from 1931 to 1988.  The pages… More

The feathered hat

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The contraposto pose of this woman is an example of a more relaxed approach to studio portrait photography in the early years of the 20th… More

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