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1956 portrait of a woman

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This year marks the centenary of Australian designer Gordon Andrew’s birth (1914-2001). To mark this occasion I post this colourful 1950s portrait of a woman… More

The platform

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  The platform shoe, as we know it today, made its first appearance in the mid-1930s, as demonstrated with this pair (above) made by Edward… More

Friends of Florence with parasols

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This snapshot photograph of Florence Broadhurst, (seated on the right) and friends, is from the 1920s, when she travelled through Asia as a member of a… More

Out of the Box: the Joseph Box collection

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The world famous Joseph Box collection is among the Museum’s most important acquisitions. Purchased in 1942, it comprises more than 300 pairs of historic shoes… More

A brief history of shoes at the Powerhouse Museum

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The Museum has been collecting shoes since its earliest days, although the reasons for acquisition have changed over time. In the 1880s shoes were primarily… More

Ford Falcon 500 gets a wash

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In this fashion photograph, Australian model Di Sweeney stands in front of a Ford Falcon 500 wearing imported Italian fashion, including blue gumboots, from Bottega… More

What is photographic portraiture?

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  What do you think? Is it a portrait of two elderly Italian women enjoying a moment in the Florentine sun or a portrait of… More

A tray full of lovely shoes

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These shoes were photographed in our collection store and feature several of the shoes from the Joseph Box shoe collection.  Our collection records state:  … More

Button boots

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We have recently photographed these gorgeous green button boots, made c.1850, for our new 2020Vision.  This is the significant statement from our collections records: This… More

Portrait of a young woman

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The young woman in this cabinet portrait photograph from the studio of J. Hubert Newman in Sydney wears a fashionable tailor made suit with a… More

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