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Xmas sale!

December 20th, 2013 by


This photograph from the Tyrrell collection shows a Christmas sale sign displayed on the corner of Pitt and Market Streets,  Sydney,  some time during the 1890s.

Henry King, (1855-1923) was a successful Sydney photographer best known for his view and portrait work. He won several international medals, including a bronze at the Chicago exhibition of 1893. Early in the twentieth century he was commissioned by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, (then known as the National Art Gallery of New South Wales) to photograph its major works. In this image gives a sense of depth by framing archways within archways and using the natural light to display the works to their best advantage.

The editor of the 1904 issue of the Australasian Photographic Review wrote of Henry King:

Mr King is a photographer of the old and new schools combined and stands high in the esteem of his craft. By amateurs he is regarded as a true and valued friend. Long before the advent of the dryplate and T.P. shutters Mr King was a student of what was termed “The black art”. In after years his name as a photographer became a household word.

The Powerhouse Museum Tyrrell collection includes 1,334 photographs by Henry King.



Photography by Henry King. Tyrrell collection.

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