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Sailors in the trees

June 20th, 2013 by



The sight of two men wearing naval uniforms perched a tree is quite puzzling more than 120 years after the event. The two temporary tree-dwellers were taking part in some celebrations associated with the departure of Mr Frances Adams, General Manager of the Australian Joint Stock Bank, who was going to Europe with his family for a holiday. (The complete photograph is shown below.)

According to the Sydney Evening News,  of April 9, 1892, some 200 gentlemen, officers of the Bank and their friends, travelled on board the steamer Leveret accompanying the RMS Ormuz to The Sydney Heads to bid Mr Adams and his family a final farewell. The Adams family were reportedly ‘overwhelmed’ with flowers and their departure was accompanied by cheers from the smaller vessel, which returned to Circular Quay around 1.30pm.

It appears that the celebrations may have continued on into the afternoon and that some of the seamen from the Leveret might have joined in the fun – or at least loaned their uniforms. Two other photographs were taken on this occasion and in each photograph two men are positioned in the trees wearing different clothing and posed in different positions. One of the photographs was posted on POTD on June 10 and the other will follow soon.