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Waratah, 1909

March 26th, 2013 by

Waratah, 1909

This postcard featuring an Australian native flower, the waratah, is a photo-mechanical print.

The following statement comes from our collection records online-Geoff Barker, Curatorial, December, 2012

This postcard is part of a collection made by Amy and Lindy Hall of West Maitland, New South Wales, between 1905 and 1925. Consisting of over 750 postcards, mainly of Australian and United Kingdom scenes, it was donated to the Museum by Cedric Bullard in the late 1960s. These postcards are among some of the earliest picture postcards produced by private companies in Australia. Even though the private printing of postcards was allowed in 1898, few were collected prior to the 1905 decision to divide the card, allowing a picture on the front and message and address on the back.

This change made it far more attractive to collect postcards and it is really from this date that Australian cards became part of the global trend of collecting and exchanging cards. The trend appears to have started during the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889, but these postcards represent the hey-day of early collecting in Australia. The collection contains examples published by well-known Australian photographers such as the Falk, Crown and Kerry Studios along with rarer examples produced by amateurs.

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