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Selling typewriters in 1956

February 11th, 2013 by

89/735-20/57 Transparency, colour, Olivetti office showroom, Sydney, designed by Gordon Andrews for Olivetti Australia Pty Ltd, with row of typewri...

This sophisticated image is from the Gordon Andrews design archive and captures the Sydney Olivetti Australia showroom in 1956. This showroom was one of a number designed by Gordon Andrews during his career.

The collection database notes:

Gordon Andrews (1914-2001) is best known for designing the first decimal currency bank notes that were released in Australia on 14 February 1966. He was also one of Australia’s foremost industrial designers and a designer of international significance. He worked in Britain and Italy, as well as Australia and was the first Australian designer to be elected as a Fellow of the UK Society of Industrial Artists and Designers (1955). He was also awarded membership of the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry and the Alliance Graphique Internationale.

The image shows a row of contemporary Olivetti typewriters along the back wall. As well as the showroom design, the image shows two styles of chair designed by the versatile Gordon Andrews. A pair of Rondo chairs in the centre with a coffee table and a Gazelle chair in the left rear behind a desk. The portrait on the wall shows Camillo Olivetti, the founding father of Olivetti typewriters. The pink and purple colouring is achieved by lighting with photography attributed to Laurence Le Guay.

Post by Lynne McNairn

Photography: attributed to Laurence Le Guay, 1956
Powerhouse Museum Collection 89/735-20/57
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