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Men and horses wear hats at the Stuttgart Folk Festival

February 25th, 2013 by

92/1416-28 Photograph, 'Three horsemen in regional dress at the Stuttgart Folk Festival', black and white, negative, by Hedda Hammer (Morrison), St...

This is another photograph taken by the photographer Hedda Morrison at the Stuttgart Folk festival in Germany back in 1931.

The image shows three men on horseback wearing regional dress. It has been taken looking down and the horses cast distinct shadows on the ground giving the image a strong diagonal composition.

The men are dressed in distinctive costumes with dark brimmed hats and their horses also appear to be wearing white ‘hats’ covering their ears and foreheads. It is not known if these formed part of the horses traditional dress but similar coverings are still used to this day to muffle a horses hearing and make it less flighty in crowds.

This and other negatives of people in regional dress at the Stuttgart Folk Festival are among the few known photographs taken by Hedda Hammer (Morrison) during her youth in Germany. The photographs were possibly taken as an assignment while she was a student at the Bavarian State Institute for Photography in Munich.

Post by Lynne McNairn

Photography by Hedda Morrison (92/1416-28)
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