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Tea-making alarm clock

September 22nd, 2012 by


This photograph features an ingenious tea-making alarm clock from the Powerhouse Museum collection and is featured in the book ‘The Oopsatoreum‘. This is Shaun Tan’s latest book developed in collaboration with the Powerhouse Museum, and is the fictional tale of a strikingly original but spectacularly unsuccessful inventor: Henry A. Mintox.

Shaun writes:

Henry Mintox loved automation almost as much as his own family, who nevertheless had to deal with the constant threat of robot counterparts. He envisaged a world in which almost every aspect of life was mechanically streamlined, from the changing of nappies to the delivery of bedtime prayers, saving precious minutes that could then be devoted to oiling and polishing each device.

The whimsical stories in ‘The Oopsatoreum’ are woven around strange and largely obscure objects from the Powerhouse Museum collection. This is Shaun’s second book with the Museum since 2009’s ‘The Odditoreum’. Since then Shaun has won an Oscar for his directing debut, with the animated short film adaption of his book ‘The Lost Thing’, and been awarded the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Award, often called the Nobel Prize of children’s literature.

Photography by Marinco Kojdanovski
© All rights reserved
Post by Melanie Cariss, Editor

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