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Meal break for teamsters and horses
Meal break for teamsters and horses from the Tyrrell collection

Kookaburras from the Tyrrell collection
Kookaburras from the Tyrrell

Young couple seated in garden
Young couple seated in garden from the Phillips collection.

Wheat grader
Wheat grader from the Clyde Engineering collection

What you can find in Flickr
The Powerhouse Museum has many projects going on in Flickr, one of the largest online photo communities in the world.

In Flickr you can find some of our photographic collections, public discussions around exhibitions in development, and plenty of other photography from around the Museum.

Since then photo-sharing has changed the way exhibitions are curated and promoted with Flickr discussion groups focusing on exhibitions. The Photo of the Day blog also shares the museum's historic photography collection with the Flickr community.

Our collections in Flickr
The Powerhouse shares significant photographic collections through a Flickr initiative known as the Commons on Flickr. The Powerhouse Museum joined the world’s largest photo library, the US Library of Congress in April 2008 and was the first museum in the world to participate. The Commons project gives much wider exposure to our images and also encourages the public to add tags and comments.

You can find images from three main historic collections and we are uploading new images each week. These images can be freely shared, downloaded and remixed as there is no known Copyright still operating on these images.

Tyrrell collection
Clyde Engineering collection
Phillips collection

Contemporary museum photography on Flickr
The Powerhouse also takes a lot of photographs in its day-to-day operations. Some of these relate to the galleries, others to exhibitions in development, and still more that are 'offcuts' from field trips and the like. We are sharing the best and most interesting of these in a seperate photostream on Flickr. Most are licensed with a Creative Commons license so they can be reused under certain circumstances. The best are also highlighted in our Photo of the Day blog.

You will also find examples of our 'video explorations' of certain photographs,

Me and the Powerhouse Museum
This new group on Flickr is for our visitors that wish to share the photographs they have taken whilst visiting the Powerhouse Museum, whether it is during one of our public programs or the design and architecture of our building and spaces. We would love to see your images in this group.

Then and now: stories from the Commons
This 78 page book has been produced for the dedicated members and people behind the scenes of the Commons on Flickr. This photo book highlights the favourites and shared stories that Flickr members have contributed to the Powerhouse Museum's images.

This book was produced to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Powerhouse Museum participating in the Commons on Flickr. You can choose from a softcover, or two different hardcover versions ranging from US$28.95 to US$45.95 plus shipping. All money raised from the sale will go back into digitising more collections for the Commons on Flickr.

Then and now:stories from the Commons

Paul Hagon's Then & Now Google Mashup
One of the exciting by-products of the Commons is the new work that people are nopw making with the images and associated metadata. Paul Hagon, a Canberra-based programmer, has built a lovely viewer to allow you to look at our historic photos of Sydney and compare them to the Google Street View today.

Then & Now by Paul Hagon

Exhibitions and the Flickr community
The Powerhouse has launched several public discussion and photo-sharing groups about current and upcoming exhibitions. These invite you to submit photographs around exhibition themes.

Australia in the 1980s
We are in the process of developing an exhibition of the 1980s and we are seeking old photographs of people, places and events from this tumultuous and fluorescent period in Australia.

Sign Design in Australia
Have you seen a good looking or just plain kooky sign? Then share it with others. Together with your help we are building a map of signs in Australia. The exhibition in August 2009 will host a slideshow drawn from these images..

Modern Times: Modernism in Australia (1917-1967)
This group was formed to support an exhibition on Modernism in Australia. Although the exhibition is now closed, the group is a useful source of further examples of architecture.

Tyrrell Today group on Flickr
Tyrrell Today asks our members to post their contemporary shots from the same location as our historic images of Sydney and surrounds. This is a very active community who compete to get the 'closest' match every time we upload new images.

George Street at Hunter Street, Sydney   George Street at Hunter Street, Sydney . Tyrell Today

Example of Tyrrell Today on Flickr
[contemporary image by lifeasdaddy]