The steam revolution

The steam revolution

Merry-go-round (Barrel organ & Savage steam engine)Merry-go-round
The Powerhouse Museum commissioned this ‘merry-go-round’ and reproduction galloping horses for the Fun at the fair display in The steam revolution exhibition. A Wurlitzer barrel organ style 18 (also known as style 3535) with 27 pipes and 13 horns is included in the display.

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For more than 200 hundred years, steam did almost everything ... pumped water, drove factories, and powered ships across oceans and ploughs through fields. Steam turbines still provide 90% of our electricity.

The steam revolution shows how steam touched the lives of millions.

Twelve working steam engines, 'hands-on' displays, old boilers, videos and much more show how steam engines developed, what they did and how they changed the world.

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