Koori Art Expressions - For teachers

Video Case Studies
The following four video case studies have been developed to provide insights into an artist’s practice, a classroom teacher’s initiative and a student’s artwork.

Adam Hill, a Redfern-based Aboriginal artist, discussing his work and its themes, what does it mean to him to be indigenous and how does that reflect in his work, and some of the artists that inspired him (running time: 10.05)

Adam Hill, talking about Koori Art Expressions and this year’s celebration of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy (running time:  2.15)

Elena Stevenson, Stage 3 teacher at South Coogee Public School, explaining the work she did with her class for this year’s Koori Art Expressions (running time: 1.34)

Cleo Baldwin, Stage 3 student from South Coogee Public School talking about the artwork she made with her class and what she learnt from Koori Art Expressions (running time: 2.05)

Use these interviews as a starting-point to explore with students the different ways that artworks can be made and interpreted. Students could also discuss the types of works produced by Indigenous artists and some ideas, issues and concepts of traditional and contemporary significance.

Koori Art Expressions is an exhibition of artworks by Kindergarten to Year 12 students from across the Sydney Region, responding to this year’s NAIDOC theme Spirit of the Tent Embassy: 40 Years On.

The Koori Art Expressions exhibition is a celebration of unity: of what can be achieved when we work together; and of students, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, coming together to recognise and celebrate the importance of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. 

The exhibition will allow students to explore a wide range of two and three dimensional artworks, providing imaginative and rich interpretations of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. They will also learn how and why the Aboriginal Tent Embassy was set up, what people were fighting for and why it continues to exist.

Teachers’ Resources

The following learning resources have been developed to support your teaching in relation to the exhibition:


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