Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence Awards 2009


Sydney Division of Engineers Australia



Be inspired by these award-winning engineering innovations! On display are six local and international projects that received industry awards from the Sydney Division of Engineers Australia in 2010.

Each year, the most outstanding project receives the Bradfield Award, named after John Job Crew Bradfield, the Chief Engineer for metropolitan railway construction and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This year’s Bradfield Award winner is the Crucible Carbon Pyrolysis Process Engineering Prototype, for creating a new technology that produces renewable energy to be used in electricity generators.

The Articulated Head (Finalist, Research and Development, University of Western Sydney)
The Articulated Head is a conventional industrial robot arm that has been converted into an aesthetically appealing installation piece that melds the worlds of art, science and engineering. The interactive and playful system disarms and delights the audience and directs complex human-robot interactions in novel ways.

Aldar Headquarters, Abu Dhabi. Highly Commended (Building and Structures).
This commercial building is located at the heart of one of the Middle East’s biggest developments, the Al Raha Beach development in Abu Dhabi.

The building is a fully glazed structure, completely circular in elevation and curved in all other directions. It features an external steel diagrid, recognised to be the first such structure in the United Arab Emirates, eliminating the need for internal columns, which would compromise the external aesthetic appeal, as well as the views from within.

The Gated Auto-Synchronous Luminescence Detector (GALD). Highly Commended (Workplace, Health and Safety).
When micro-organisms are labelled with a florescent dye, they can usually be detected in-situ from other components through the use of fluorescence microscopy. Often, however, naturally occurring fluorescent components are present in such abundance that they shield the target organism from detection.

GALD, an optical-mechanical device, permits the instant conversion of any microscope to see only artificial luminescence in the complete absence of naturally occurring fluorescent components.

The Crucible Carbon Pyrolysis Process Engineering Prototype. (Bradfield and Excellence Awards, Innovations and Inventions)
Crucible Carbon Pyrolysis is a new technology that converts biomass into a range of renewable energy and biochar products. Agricultural and industrial wastes and residues can be fed directly into a reactor that produces clean gas ready for use in electricity generators.


Articulated Head
The Articulated Head (Finalist, Research and Development)

Aldar Headquarters, Abu Dhabi
Aldar Headquarters, Abu Dhabi

The Nationwide Remotely Accessible Laboratory Project (Labshare). Highly Commended (Education and Training).
This project enables engineering students to remotely perform experiments on physical apparatus over the internet. The system provides greater access to diverse, high-quality devices, the sharing of laboratory equipment, and enhances flexibility for students so that they are no longer disadvantaged by geography or work and life commitments.

The Safety System for the China Fast Train Project. President’s and Excellence Awards (Workplace, Health and Safety).
The China Fast Train travels at 350 kilometres per hour and can take up to five kilometres to come to a stop. By the time the driver sees a potentially disasterous obstruction he or she is unlikely to have sufficient time to stop the train.

The China Fast Train Project uses specially designed cameras inserted into the track to warn the driver of a dangerous obstruction long before he would otherwise see it