Teachers exhibition notes and resources



These teachers notes and online resources have been developed to support your teaching and learning both at the Museum and in your classroom.

In terms of assisting with planning a visit, the teachers notes provide background and greater context for learning in relation to exhibitions and introduce some of the broader issues raised through the exhibitions.

There are also an extensive amount of online resources that have been developed for students ranging from video case studies of designers and online interactives through to pre-visit exhibition slideshows and access to the Museum’s online collection

Exhibition Teachers notes

pdf file Ecologic
pdf file Boulton & Watt steam engine
pdf file Experimentations
pdf file Interface: people, machines, design
pdf file Kings Cinema
pdf file Locomotive No 1 - the first train in NSW
pdf file Space
pdf file The Strasburg Clock model
pdf file The steam revolution
pdf file Transport
pdf file What’s in store? Shopping in Australia 1880-1930
pdf file The Wiggles

Theme trails and activity sheets

pdf file Activity sheet: Paper 'lace' workshop - activity for K-6
pdf file Activity sheet: Lace Study Centre - questions for secondary students
pdf file SCAMPER design activity

Education kits and Information sheets

pdf file How can the Powerhouse Museum help you with your major design project?
pdf file Education kit: Sharing a Wailwan story
pdf file Education kit: What are the odds? Understanding the risks
pdf file Information sheet: Contemporary lacemakers - 3 case studies
pdf file Information sheet: Caring for your lace
pdf file Information sheet: Lace classification system
pdf file Information sheet: Glossary of general lace & lacemaking terms

Online Resources (web projects)

Australia Innovates

Australia Innovates
An online guide to innovation in Australia's industries over the last century.

Search our collection

Search our collection
Search and discover objects in our vast and diverse collection.
This interactive database contains thousands of zoomable images and research into the Museum's collection, much of it made public for the first time.

Gambling: calculating the risk

Gambling: calculating the risk
An educational website which helps you learn about mathematics and probability, as applied to common forms of gambling.

Australian designers at work

Australian designers at work
An educational resource exploring the design process. Meet six Australian designers and learn about how they work

hsc technology syllabus support

HSC technology syllabus support
Case studies in design, technology and cultural diversity showcasing objects and research from the Powerhouse Museum.

Sydney designers unplugged

Sydney designers unplugged
Detailed case studies of seven industrial design groups with video interviews. A resource for students and anyone with an interest in design.

PotBiz: the innovation game

PotBiz: the innovation game
Learn how to be a successful innovator as you try to turn an idea for a decomposing plant pot into a profitable business.