Do you have some treasured possessions, perhaps family heirlooms or photos, that you could not bear to see damaged?

Everything falls to pieces eventually and though we can’t stop this process, it can be slowed down. In the Conservation Department, we look after our collection in storage, on display and when it travels. We try to keep our objects free from dust, moisture, bugs and other materials that might harm them. We also keep the lights low.

Conservators create reports about each collection object, recording its size and condition, and preservation photographers take detailed photos to record damage and deterioration. To gain a greater understanding of our collection, we collect the stories that go with each object, including how an item was made, used and cared for in the past.

Our conservators, photographers and volunteers work together: preparing objects and loans for exhibitions; improving documentation and support of our collection in storage; and maintaining and rebuilding steam engines. We also work on many regional and community programs including: internships, work experience, staff exchanges, loans, traveling exhibitions, site visits, steam rallies and community based workshops. We welcome collaboration with others in joint activities.

If you would like to find out information about a variety of conservation issues, visit our specialised conservation website search, C.A.R.E. (Conservation Advice Research Engine) for links to recommended articles.

If you have information or questions about our collection or yours, please feel free to contact us.

Conservation work can be varied and complex. To view some of the 
interesting treatments that Powerhouse conservators have worked on 
recently, see our blog, Conservators Corner

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Please feel welcome to contact us for further information or with your comments.

Jonathan London, Conservation Manager
Phone: 02 9217 0409