Selected acquisitions for 2014

A selection of objects acquired in 2014

The Powerhouse Museum has acquired the following catalogued objects during the year of 2014 . More information on each object may be found in their object record, accessible by clicking on their image. Please be aware that not all of these objects are currently on public display in the Museum.

Nothing acquired yet for 2014, but in 2013:

Map, letter and photographCollection of stone artefacts'Serpentine Anisoptera' neckpiece by Sarah Rothe
'Here or there' brooch by Michelle Taylor'Art Deco' style firescreen by Harry SebelPair of dress shields by Kleinert's Rubber CoSize 38 women's utility bra, EnglandCamelia utility bra, EnglandUtility bra by Sandre Creation, England
Pair of utility bras by Sandre Creation, EnglandWomen's utility combination underwear, EnglandPair of womens utility combination underwear by TwixwolMeatworks, Alligator Creek, TownsvilleSydney ObservatorySteamships on Sydney Harbour from McMahons Point
Lake, Botanical Gardens, SydneyBullock Team, Hillgrove, ArmidaleEleanora mines, ArmidaleHillgrove horse drawn coach, ArmidaleBooloomnimba villa, made Armidale University College in 1945Horses and carriage, Duval Farm, Armidale
The steamship Ghazee, Sydney HarbourPost Office, SydneyTwo people in the bush, Duval Valley, ArmidaleElevated view of George Street from Argyle Street, SydneyTown Hall, SydneyLarge villa, North Shore, Sydney
Terrace houses, North Shore, SydneyAustralian Museum, College Street, SydneyKing Street, SydneyWeeping Rock, Blue MountainsSydney Harbour from McMahons PointPrinces Bridge, Melbourne
Parliament Building, MelbourneCocker Spaniel dogFerry Lavender Bay, SydneyStanwell Park looking towards Ocean BeachYoung girl in a cotMosman Falls, Sydney
Monument to Alan Cunningham, Botanical GardensShips moored at Circular Quay in front of wool stores, SydneyRoyal Navy steam ships on Sydney HarbourEntrance to Mosman Bay, SydneyFarm Cove and Government House, SydneyMosman Falls, Sydney
Sail boats and wharf Mosman Bay, SydneyMosman Bay, SydneyBotanical Gardens, SydneyOcean Beach, Stanwell ParkSpring Street, MelbourneSteamship and row boats, Mosman Bay
Fountain, Botanical Gardens, SydneyBotanical Gardens, SydneyDouble Bay Wharf, Sydney HarbourFerry, Mosman Bay, Sydney HarbourHawkesbury Bridge, SydneyPort Hacking River, Sydney
Parramatta River, Gladesville, SydneyParramatta River, Gladesville, SydneyIron Cove Bridge, Sydney HarbourKogarah Bay, Sydney HarbourSteamships and row boats, Sydney HarbourSteamships and yachts, Sydney Harbour
Steamships and yachts, Sydney HarbourHawkesbury River, SydneyNorthbridge suspension bridge, SydneyNorthbridge suspension bridge, SydneyNorthbridge suspension bridge, SydneyFlagstaff Hill, Sydney
The harbour from McMahon's PointThe main building, Sydney UniversityColonial Secretary's Building, Macquarie Street, SydneySteam freighter 'Gulf of Venice' in Woolloomooloo BayFarm Cove and yachts, SydneyForest road, National Park, Sydney
Macquarie lighthouse, SydneyForest road, National Park, SydneyWaterfall, National Park, SydneyPyrmont from Flagstaff HillMan using monocular microscopeMan using monocular microscope and slides
Ocean liner 'Orizabar', SydneyOcean liner 'Ophir', SydneyIron Cove Bridge, SydneyFour people on deck of the barque 'Sarah'Mosman Bay Falls, SydneyEthel Falls, Nellie's Glen, Katoomba, Blue Mountains
The Gap, South Head, SydneyWeeping Rock, Wentworth Falls, Blue MountainsRustic Bridge and barque, Mosman, SydneyThree Sisters, Blue MountainsPathway Botanical Gardens, Sydney
Family, Kogarah, SydneyCascades, Leura, Blue MountainsCascades, Leura, Blue MountainsWeeping Rock, Wentworth Falls, Blue MountainsKatoomba Falls, Blue MountainsPaddle ferry at Mossmans Bay wharf
Upper reach of Mossmans Bay, SydneyNellie's Glen, Katoomba, Blue MountainsKatoomba Falls, Blue MountainsPhotograph taken at LeuraWeeping Rock, Wentworth Falls, Blue MountainsFairy Falls, Dante's Glen, Lawson
Ethel Falls, Nellie's Glen, KatoombaQueen's cascade, Wentworth Falls, Blue MountainsWentworth Falls, Blue MountainsHouses, Wentworth Road, BurwoodMosman wharf and walkbridgePage from photogrpahic album
Model of Villa Shodhan designed by Le CorbusierLevel controller used at Kurnell RefineryLevel indicator used at Kurnell RefineryLevel controller with chart recorder used at Kurnell RefineryDrager portable gas analyserFyrite portable gas analyser
Information boards used at Kurnell RefineryPortable vibrating-reed tachometerWheel spanner for industrial valvesRefractometerFeedstock and product samples from Kurnell RefineryOil refinery documents
'Red Drop' neckpiece by Liv BlavarpAboriginal scraperAboriginal scraperMen's size 4 undergarment by HarrodsMonument erected to Hamilton HumeCooma Cottage, residence of explorer Hamilton Hume
Sylvia by Harrison FisherMillers Point, Sydney, circa 1835York Street, Sydney, looking south circa 1835Presbyterian church, Portland, Hawkesbury RiverMonument to the 73rd Regiment who built the Road to Watson's BayJohn Piper, Thomas Mitchell's Guide
Monument on Garden Island by John Skinner ProutEarly watercolour of Fort Macquarie by John SkinnerProutEtching of Government House by John Skinner ProutEarly print of King's School, ParramattaEarly watercolour of St Phillip's ParsonageGraves of James Sheen and Katherine Marian Dowling
Eliza Hodgson [nee Dowling]Gravestone of Sir James Dowling, died 1844Etching of the Legislative Assembly and Hyde Park BarracksLabel from album of prints and ephemera
Biodegradable bamboo tableware, cutlery and plant pot
Promotional material for the sale and service of electrical products'Outdoor Dunny Bunnykins', an Australian Royal Doulton figurine'Queensland SES Bunnykins', an Australian Royal Doulton figurineWedgwood vase designed by Michael SodeauCoffeepot, Swinnertons, EnglandAustralian melamine plates
Plate, Arabia, FinlandPlate, Biltons Ltd, EnglandPlate, Casual Ceram, JapanPlate, Alfred Meakin, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, England
Plate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, Britamic, EnglandPlate, Hostess Tableware, EnglandPlate, Midwinter, EnglandPlate, International Stone Ware, JapanPlate, Casual Ceram, Japan
Plate, Casual Ceram, JapanPlate, Hariwa Stone, JapanPlate, Premiere, JapanPlate, JapanPlate, Handcrafted Genuine Stoneware, JapanPlate, 'Suzukastone', Japan
Plate, Primastone, JapanPlate, Castlecourt, JapanPlate, Noritake, JapanPlate, Suzukastone, JapanPlate, Independence Stoneware, JapanPlate, Biltons, England
Plate, Berkeley House, JapanPlate, Kelston Ceramics, New ZealandPlate, Johnson Brothers, AustraliaPlate, Johnson Brothers, AustraliaPlate, Johnson Brothers, AustraliaPlate, J&G Meakin, England
Plate, Johnson Brothers, AustraliaPlate, Johnson Brothers, AustraliaPlate, Swinnertons, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, Barratt's, EnglandPlate, Wedgwood, England
Plate, Biltons, EnglandPlate, Propeller, JapanPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, Biltons, England
Plate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, England
Plate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd, EnglandPlate, Genuine Ironstone, New Zealand
Plate, Biltons, EnglandPlate, Biltons, EnglandPlate, Biltons, EnglandPlate, Kelston Ceramics, New ZealandPlate, Wood & Sons, EnglandPlate, Biltons, England
Plate, J&G Meakin, EnglandPlate, J&G Meakin, EnglandPlate, Kelston Ceramics, New ZealandPlate, Genuine Ironstone, New ZealandPlate, Biltons, EnglandPlate, Wood & Sons, England
Plate, Biltons, EnglandPlate, Langley, EnglandPlate, Langley, EnglandPlate, Midwinter, EnglandPlate, Langley, EnglandPlate, Crown Lynn, New Zealand
Plate, JapanPlate, Mikasa, JapanPlate, JapanPlate, Wedgwood, EnglandPlate, Mikasa, JapanPlate, Denby, England
Plate, Wedgwood, EnglandPlate, JapanPlate, Wellin, KoreaPlate, Noritake, JapanPlate, Handcrafted Genuine Stoneware, Japan'Mary Bunnykins' figurine by Royal Doulton
'Mother Bunnykins' figurine by Royal Doulton'Farmer Bunnykins' figurine by Royal Doulton'Reggie Bunnykins' figurine by Royal Doulton'Freddie Bunnykins' figurine by Royal Doulton'Billy Bunnykins' figurine by Royal Doulton'Bush Fire Fighter Bunnykins' figurine by Royal Doulton
'Howzat Bunnykins' figurine by Royal Doulton'Billycart Bunnykins' figurine by Royal DoultonAustralian spoons set with black opal by W J SandersAustralian Art Deco cocktail set by W J SandersWedding anniversary silver tea set by W J SandersSilver salver by W J Sanders
Outfit by Romance Was BornOutfit by Romance Was BornOutfit by Romance Was BornOutfit by Romance Was Born'Victa Bunnykins' figurine by Royal DoultonPlate, Genuine Stoneware, Japan
Plate, Casual Ceram, JapanPlate, Mikasa, JapanPlate, Casual Ceram, JapanPlate, Fashion Manor, JapanPlate, Casual Ceram, JapanPlate made in Japan
Plate, Stonecraft, JapanPlate, Casual Ceram, JapanPlate, Premiere, JapanPlate, Casual Ceram, JapanPlate, Nagoya Shokai, JapanPlate by Midwinter, England
Plate, Suzukastone, JapanPlate, Mikasa, JapanPlate, Stonecraft, JapanPlate, Casual Ceram, JapanPlate, Stonecraft, JapanPlate by Huruta, Japan
Plate, JapanAbum of prints and ephemeraPortrait of Charles Henry BertieTimber fragment, from the shipwreck ¬?Dunbar'Stone from Captain Charles Sturt's depotCockade fan
Cockade fanWhip handle, made from 'Burke's Tree'Military epauletteWine bottle from the wreck of the BataviaCeramic lids [3], various designsContainer [lid missing], for cream or paste
Lid, for container of ¬?Cherry Tooth Paste¬?Ceramic tea pot lid [broken]Jar base [broken]Jar [broken], for Royal Australasian SauceLid, for container of ¬?Genuine Bear¬?s Grease¬?Lid, for container of ¬?Genuine Bear¬?s Grease¬?
Lid, for container of 'Circassian Cream'Pottery lid with scene of various sea shellsPottery jar with scene of ConstantinoplePottery jar fragment with Asian scene,Jug fragment with Crimean War scene ¬?Battle of Alma¬?Pottery container with scene from the Crimean War
Stone utensil, Aboriginal, found in a gully in Bellevue HillStone utensil, AboriginalStone utensil, Aboriginal, found July 1891Stone utensil, AboriginalStone utensil, Aboriginal, found in WintonStone utensil, Aboriginal
Stone utensil, AboriginalStone utensil, AboriginalTwo Aboriginal scrapersStone utensil, AboriginalStone utensil, AboriginalStone utensil, Aboriginal
Stone utensil found at an Aboriginal camp site in 1907Aboriginal stone hatchet, Emu Plains, New South WalesBoomerang found east of Bunnerong Road, SydneyPictorial Korhogo cloth, Ivory CoastBogolanfini or mud cloth from MaliBogolanfini or mud cloth from Mali
Bogolanfini or mud cloth from MaliCaucasian kilimShirvan or Genje rug, southern CaucasusSarab runner, northwest IranQashqa'i rug, southern IranArab Khamseh rug, southern Iran
Khamseh rug, southern PersiaNeedlepoint embroidery depicting waterfall at Strath CreekHome shuttle sewing machinePhotographic album of outdoor views owned by Emily C MarshEmbroidered faceshield
Bust of Sir Charles WindeyerBook of Common PrayerWater bottlesHorn cup from Ludwig Leichhardt's expeditionToiletry box by Florence Manufacturing CompanySection of wooden cogs from the Mt Gilead windmill at Campbelltown
Walrus tuskWater pipeline parts from Broken HillPhotograph of the home of John Thomas CampbellDominoes in Erasmic Soap box

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