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About 'tags'

'Tags', also known as user keywords, are words added to object records by other users to enhance their discovery by others.

Sometimes museums describe objects in language that is highly specialist and user added keywords are useful in bridging the 'semantic gap' between the language of the museum and that of the user.

The box on the left is a randomised listing of 150 of these keywords that have been added by users of the site. The larger the word or phrase, the more objects it has been applied to.

Click on a word to find the objects that are associated with it.

Please note that this is an experimental way of navigating the collection and that the 'accuracy' of these keywords is not verified by the Museum. We recommend their use primarily as exploration and navigation tools.

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Popular user tags (randomised)

n19200   ski jump   1941 georgivs v1   Kembla Heights   dresses   fairy coaster-elyria   synthesiser   ring   swirl   cutting horse   david hasselhoff   shellharbour   hartford   frank partridge   salloon   1894-95 Sydney2 Day 3   aerial veiw of sydney   harvester   The Crushers   boom   wood chair   junior sport   roadside   mchair   Arvro Anson   primary source   india   1903   Nepean River   lobster   pyx   flora   pointy princess hat   86/2565   carved small red ivory?   kurdish footwear   poster circus oz   kinking tongs   wool bales   knight rider   girls play   89/414-111 coin   technosexuality   38 class construction   serious   sculpture   meat cover   eh   twenties   mu343a3   coffee cups   mikroma   doctor who and the mines of terror   Bessie Maud Shipard   towm hall   twee   portraits   pearl   chesney   colonial dress   round metal   husbandry   video game   f j holden grass   slow shutter   birmingham small arms club   Churches   fire   counter-battery   gallipoli   bill teapot   walk   light rail   fruit platters   Staircases   geometric   oil   motorcycle riders   aircraft wings   the turtles   audio player   woolloomooloo   Toy Dept   rowco   clean easy   tell us more about this object   trueline   prunts   modernism   queen   trick   coffee percolators   sculler   c5522   empty town   life boats   sepia   large tree   treasure hunt   19th century toys   july   fj holden   queenscliff   lacta cream separator   leisure   jerkin   holding   punch bowl   rock county   workmen   fiddleheads   cabinets   long john silver   slk 62/4   the kiss   damaged   hawkins   Carriages   classique collection   cobblestone   1 piastre   prop workshop   vickers   bottle rock   plate   leather dining   sports   wall hanging pedestal   slippers   zeeland   primrose park   w and lion on bowl and punched either side of bowl   black chrome   Grus rubicunda   pouch   vibrator   baragoola   shoji   one rupee   horse   Kerry Photo Sydney   fi qustuntunia   baby atv   96338   liverpool dresden bowl   bushland   edward hill   bullock drivers   South Australian Photographic Society   kingdom of thailand   expod 32-57   jug 478   dragon   2 1/2 shilling   circular   post office   1914   jacksons   garryjohn@outlook.com   light pole   dressup   pitcher and basin   support   summer   nationalism   farmers   opposed piston   1a   lister   3ccc   shoalhaven   historical aircraft   new york   drinking jug   terracotta   kids   rectangular   buildings black and white photograph   regional airlines   Man bush house staring   cow   Wald   coshs   Composites   Train Stations   25hl   idyll   oar   problems   rocky path   picking knife   long neck   tattoo motifs   burlap   668625   chinese bird tapestry   beer mug   comil   g.i. lime   sheraton armchair   Tom Lennon   mangalore tiles pvt ltd kundapur   006962542   recipies   long   norwood football club   fibreglass   maton guitars   1909   bushells tin 1920-60   unpaved street   nikki webster   22 carat   manequin   directors   australian army   plaid   clif   carri   greed   captain 59   the first fleet   party dress   australasian 2 nsw   double-barrel   junks   1874   crescent moon   clothing store   trade mark   batik   cauldon place tureen   barlow   108   florist shops   York Street   sydney juvenile industrial exhibition   postillion   mariposa (ship)   lincoln stuart   number 1905 makers 6/4b118 type 4   residence   mares   bea model   mat   Pine Nepean   Negativo de vidro   sheep on a dirt lane lines with trees   rack   cupacumbalong