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About 'tags'

'Tags', also known as user keywords, are words added to object records by other users to enhance their discovery by others.

Sometimes museums describe objects in language that is highly specialist and user added keywords are useful in bridging the 'semantic gap' between the language of the museum and that of the user.

The box on the left is a randomised listing of 150 of these keywords that have been added by users of the site. The larger the word or phrase, the more objects it has been applied to.

Click on a word to find the objects that are associated with it.

Please note that this is an experimental way of navigating the collection and that the 'accuracy' of these keywords is not verified by the Museum. We recommend their use primarily as exploration and navigation tools.

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Popular user tags (randomised)

cross-stitches   #5 1534758   australian outback   Type Here steamboat   light bulb   curved throwing stick   ran   reschs   n14907-2   red baron   norridge   melbourne observatory   lookouts   amf   swing   floppy disk drive   curtain   wren   all teapots   mh   photographer   s c line   battery charger   Campus   25 hargrave's aerodrome   27 "show your tickets" passenger station philadelp   wahroonga   anti-war   luthier   gold fruit   Fixed   ned kellys clothes   hmv1360   lanterns   stumbke   wire work carpet beater   Windy   victa 18   trophy   neckerchief   Nimoitebool   Loftus Street   harrington and company   battle of trafalgar   garden   Brooklyn Hotel   royal doulton dog   spotted   glass slide   colour samples   Snowy River   wood burning stove   pc2095   phillipines   holeproof   Pferde   design industry   holden   steeples   lattice   royal garden staffordshire   astra furs   CBA   mt druitt culture   performing arts   white greyhound of richmond   gaming   2-origin is iran and not egypt   11/25   girls 4-6yr costumes   pool   wool sorting   mugging   carpet   arup   australian stock saddle   tentando superabis   portable   ring   show image   cryptography   oiseau   royal bottling co.   d3470   day bed   green half   switserland   combined military   towm hall   bonnet hat   ruth   tank   jonathoan sceats children   Department   Central railway station   decorative   kingfisher rd4184   Man relaxing on the stairs   19th century recreation   oil paintings   sarong   mousetraps   sailboats   pinwheels   antioch   farms   fisher-price   tranquil   froth   blaxland   vase cobalt blue   1580   1921 one penny   harry ross signal pilot   cute   25 b t 50   planks   flintlock   heels   rilway uniform   riddling equipment   voicewriter ediphone   Cut   2 men resting   chess   black_and_white   record   open doors   Cascade. Rapide. Rocher.   sheffied   orsova   vline aclass loco   804   paling fence   audio tape   "battery mountain"   russet   ancient greece   fax machine   laurel wreath embossed crown   yule   kylie minogue   base coins of elizabeth ii | shilling coins of eli   cowboys   ferry   ostrich leather   potter moorebox   puppetry   skeleton   Neo-gothic   kirstin sibley   maison lenouvel   besrest   Black and whit   dalek   watering   candlesticks   dairy herd   painted   cane   patterson river railway bridge   great wall of china 02   cricket   auriferous   kurdistan   Araucaria   2:50pm   jenolan caves   Freckles   music   boat motor   gas light   snoring   hydraulic shovel   power cable   gold sequin dress   royal   uniform   painted backdrop   Gold rush   x-ray museums   841697   Barangaroo   dollond   environment movement   pierrot   foot pedal   colonial dress   london lever k/w pocket watch   green bans badge   military forces of new south wales memorial   slate mintaro 733   burgundy   architectural detail   benifits   fungi   orchy bong   Mists   thistles   art deco wallpaper   exide   monk   culisse   classic   curvy   jade   carla zampatti   lcd   Urb an   myott   bouteille   yarrangobilly   instructions   19 typical american passenger locomotive   16   david watkins   advertising   sessons   lathe machine   bewery   small vase dutch scene from cj noke   mx 1526   jumo   ewes   Dacelo   price on twist belgium   Snow field   jetties & wharves   bear   doll house   Newington College   blue mountains   perfume   shawl cave   possum biscuit barrel   palms   North Head   handkerchief   is larry luna supposed to be chef?? because i can'   early life   blackeyed susans   standard   durga idol   civic hotel   Clarence river   2432   tablespoon bottle   chein lung tapestry   hand held   Geiser. Colonnisateur