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About 'tags'

'Tags', also known as user keywords, are words added to object records by other users to enhance their discovery by others.

Sometimes museums describe objects in language that is highly specialist and user added keywords are useful in bridging the 'semantic gap' between the language of the museum and that of the user.

The box on the left is a randomised listing of 150 of these keywords that have been added by users of the site. The larger the word or phrase, the more objects it has been applied to.

Click on a word to find the objects that are associated with it.

Please note that this is an experimental way of navigating the collection and that the 'accuracy' of these keywords is not verified by the Museum. We recommend their use primarily as exploration and navigation tools.

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Popular user tags (randomised)

lithgow high school assignment   18 Footer   extracter   mount castle   wheeler   abbeys and castles   shell house   b109 4 small vase   chair 1   St Leonards   porsche   n14499-1   accidnet crane 1073   thon   laminex   germany   crowds   short button ribbon trim   rainbow   wooden case   tilley   horsedrawn cart   cogs machine   RC Hagon Tailor   steps   mosman bay falls   snowshoes   waralarm   Pferde   thin   ned kellys clothes   circle   scott   freaky   oil paintings   choppy   skibo   commoners clothing   keys   c38 under construction no 1 bay erecting shop 1943   1926 cowley   eartenware   teddy bear   doll accessories   pwerplus   stack   Myee   curved   stooks   kitt   gallery   george nelson   edward vii   Regent Theatre   ellis   champagne   turpentine   singer 27   witton   uluru   jamison valley   barbie   Bennelond Point   beautiful   burgundy   killara   tostain of paris   soup   diamond cut comoort   racehorse   cough medicine   Sydney Harbour prior to developement.   wedding night wear   freeform   soil erosion   stelton   dallmeyer photoheliograph   Royal Botanical Gardens   Telopea speciosissima   tv-series   bench   john elias   fairlight   cobra phone   iud fitting   flowers   gambling   play   drink   yule   statuary   79th& western   evans   bowden   men at work   1926   prematte jr   jewellery swing tags   race   river crossing   feathers   stockings   crackle   emil resch broken hill   1930 ford   carl dreir   showroom door 1927   foreboding typography   minnesota   munupi arts   sca's   dw-1005   1912   Wimlah   food 1930s   vic   jainaday   king   lace shawl   f   William Wardell   1916 i penny   scva badge roger turgis organsiation for education   6942   stile   pocket pistol 22 a.f.   dish   hammer   six trading cards printed in black and white   apap   Bandstands   iridescent   fork and spoon christening set acorn pattern   recipies   opposed piston   Old church   picture disc   Native Bear   deloraine   mermaid   removable top   gay and lesbian culture   9704   hoover   english period costumes   card players   bostonteaparty   glass wall vases   six shot   cricket bails   1967   labels   dragonfly   j hughs   stage   flute   le franchise   numismatics-toy coins   philatelic exhibition perth 1954   turkey   portrait   shoe   dres   new   straits settlement   richard sapper   ironware   silver with mother of pearl inlay   cargo   males   relaxing   base markings   needles   painted graal   b. morgan   flex   one rupee   pop culture   available post wwii   Shellbourne Hotel   glass slide   Aquarium   Macquarie Point   3 March 1885   1867   number 1 loco   destruction   electricity   carbon rod   dj   mod dp3   deorative roof tiles   music box music on cd   cafe   grand   bushes   unpaved street   cox river   Pedal   Charles Kerry   archer   1815   easiest   no 2 grade   Curacoa   boab tree   hot water   "am i not a man and a brother?"   witch   rhodoid   which motor is used in centrifugal pumps   3756   sassafras   angular   driver   wrought iron doors   nasara   gatorade   lithograph   vacancy   extractors   mugs   container   opera house   semi   vincennes stranded 1906?   in a boat   Union Bridge Company   rumpled   party dress   charger   Conifers   ivory boys suit   striped shirt   japanese rats   David Jones and Company   century 4a   Treasury   lancer   he-man   Rounding   fix this image   red half   11f 48   tessellated tiles   Sam Co Ltd   h.m.a.s. sydney   veniz lace   d'armes de chatellerault j.h.   tunnel of trees