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About 'tags'

'Tags', also known as user keywords, are words added to object records by other users to enhance their discovery by others.

Sometimes museums describe objects in language that is highly specialist and user added keywords are useful in bridging the 'semantic gap' between the language of the museum and that of the user.

The box on the left is a randomised listing of 150 of these keywords that have been added by users of the site. The larger the word or phrase, the more objects it has been applied to.

Click on a word to find the objects that are associated with it.

Please note that this is an experimental way of navigating the collection and that the 'accuracy' of these keywords is not verified by the Museum. We recommend their use primarily as exploration and navigation tools.

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Popular user tags (randomised)

man hanged in wales   beauties   agnsw   copper dome   ezybilt set manual for sets6/7/8 1947-54 coulton'p   144   Cabbie   bandwagon   fruit platters   balmain tram counterweight   jug image   value of this dish   adjustable   marcolini   first gold record   hazard   reflection on water   fix this image   escoffier   4 inch   14\2 to weigh 14 tb   brass lion head bottle opener   25 hargrave's aerodrome   painted graal   side lever   Hornby Battery   guide   tram   shirt   white ivory   hills   trueline   york   book   crowds   burnt brown   caballos   milkshakes   silla de rejilla   Xanthorrhoea   french lady   colonial dress   stewart dawson   Edmund Blacket   interor   president aeroframe   wooden fence   ostrich leather   century   trees   h4959   bookmakers board   measuring glasses   headley tarn   greed   ornament   violent   cargo   heat rub   l5   walking-sticks   allerton   broadcasting   computer manuals   geometric   smiles   pale blue   synthesiser   Stephens   black_and_white   granit   street fashion   nylon   cycling   handed out at 2sm concerts along with sunglasses a   Rennbahn   walther 9m   Orient   utrecht   pincers   sand   Baumstamm   early flight   westing house   h.m.a.s. australia   p2095   morcroft plates   Taxi cabs with drivers   brittania hotel   castle   pest control   gurkhas   river   two-tone   Former Barracks   Man shearing sheep   jewellery   maple   handpainted   lions claw   family group   ericofon   hens   funky   elephants   moustache   Pferderennbahn   cartridge   snowshoes   mle 1892   phat pants   dc1   cabs   tiworth research   cristal lalique   K & Co   building site   metalwork   "rawleighs" bottle   mug glass   cascades   knight rider   donkey kong jr   organ   modelmaker ross porter   n19375 coin price   steam locomotive p class   pantaloons   solidus   footwear   dover castle   puzza   great hall   1939   re-using   constans 337-350   rocky   projector   hz   Rural road view   wild cat   tile   manchester unity hall   Arecaceae   embroidered panel   bondage   tiger   text   silver trowel   Children playing on a swing   curved   icelandic   Demolished 1970s   plastic series 1 10 dollar note   pedigree doll   businesses   bench   silver maori punga   display cases   victorian girls dress   this amulet is late 19th century.   bogie tank wagon   Avro trainer   Potts Point   hand craft   patentironstone china   pc2089   dust cover   archaeology   the reliable   centrifuge ware   rangehood   removable top   griffin   mk3 carbine   1900   controversy   2 1/4 b   meyer & wenthe   group photographs   katze   animaux   music box music on cd   the turtles   riddling equipment   cards   Roseate Cockatoo   teams   Pittwater Road   bristol   hexagon facet   glass wall vases   alcoves   corsetted figure   snaphance   value of set   1786   Jamison   oberlin   surfing   thornton   ronaldson   j. hughs   turquoise inlay   urban   beading done by amera eid   i have one of these stirups   cogs   vase chinese   vesta   moros   football   sitting dog   uncirculated   kid   peter banett   call to fire   gold   w. cooke   Mort   sydney bitter ale   tv show merchandise   computers   quack   brand   rocky path   footsteps   fur lapel topcoat   japy   Corn Exchange Building   Harris Street   sun safety   optics   shellharbour   gingham   Darlinghurst   pots   later m/o 1373   mary jane   glass rolling pin   view   fossil fuel   dead   4498b   burn   Harvesting   modess box   HMS   mann mit gehstock   melon