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Clinitemp II thermometers with packaging, 1987
This image is not currently available as a higher resolution full colour zoom. This may be because this object has not been moved from storage and re-photographed in recent times.

Object statement
Thermometer, Clinitemp II, thermochromic liquid crystal, Clinitemp Inc, Amcla, USA, 1987
The thermometer was made by Clinitemp Inc, Indianapolis, USA.

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Thermometer, Clinitemp II, thermochromic liquid crystal, Clinitemp Inc, Amcla, USA, 1987

Consists of 2 Clinitemp thermometers, one plastic container with instruction pamphlet, and packaging.

Made: Clinitemp Inc; Indianapolis, USA; 1987
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Production date

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Acquisition credit line
Purchased 1987

This object record is currently incomplete. The information available may date back as far as 125 years. Other information may exist in a non-digital form. The Museum continues to update and add new research to collection records.
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