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86/625 Bathing Suit, nylon, women's, Rose Marie Reid, c. 1960
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Object statement
Bathing Suit, nylon, women's, Rose Marie Reid, c. 1960
The only two piece costume ever owned by the donor who wore it only occasionally over the years. She was always very self conscious of her weight and body image.

Rose Marie Reid was a Canadian designer, later resident in California, best known for her swimwear. Her company became famous when her designs were worn by film stars ( including Rita Hayworth, Marylin Munroe) .

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Bathing Suit, nylon, women's, Rose Marie Reid, c. 1960

Twoo piece swimming costume in black and white geometric print. Top with wide straps which buttoned at the back, and brassiere cups, white nylon lining. The bottom has elasticised waist and legs, white nylonl lining with blue in the crotch area.
Label 'Shore Line' by Rose Marie Reid, Size 12/34
Production date
1955 - 1965

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Acquisition credit line
Gift of Ms Vanessa Mack, 1986

This object record is currently incomplete. The information available may date back as far as 125 years. Other information may exist in a non-digital form. The Museum continues to update and add new research to collection records.
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