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Headshot promo card, 2002
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Object statement
Promotional card, rock music, Headshot, card, designed by Redroom Design, Perth, Western Australia, used by Australian Rock Company, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2002
This card has significance as a record of music in youth culture around the turn of the 21st century. It helps to illustrate how printed graphic material was used to communicate information to a mass audience about rock music performers and specifically to promote concerts and CDs.

Headshot were a Perth heavy metal band whose debut release 'Rooms Within Rooms' was released on the Sic Squared Records label.

Coming from a collection that Peta Wilcox accumulated through her extensive contacts in the music business, this card helps to document the work of the Australian Rock Company (ARC), which Wilcox established in 1984 as a not-for-profit cultural organisation, to develop cultural activities for young people. The ARC has promoted general access performances by professional Australian rock music artists, often in isolated suburban and regional centres that are deprived of cultural activities for youth. Since the 1980s the ARC has presented up to 500 shows and workshops, many for under 18s and all-age audiences, providing entertainment that is both contemporary and relevant. These have taken place in community venues around the country, in association with schools, community groups and local councils. Wilcox worked with a public-spirited, entrepreneurial passion to create entertainment opportunities for young people and to generate gigs for local bands. The ARC's initiatives developed leisure activities for young people in a non-alcohol environment. This has helped many young music fans experience the excitement of rock 'n' roll concerts without the presence of alcohol as a signifier of cultural status.

Peter Cox
May 2008
Designed by Redroom Design, Perth, Western Australia.
Made for Headshot / Sic Squared Records.
This is part of a collection of posters, stickers and promotional cards accumulated by Peta Wilcox, of the Australian Rock Company, from bands, bookers and record companies through her extensive contacts within the music industry.

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Promotional card, rock music, Headshot, card, designed by Redroom Design, Perth, Western Australia, used by Australian Rock Company, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2002

Rectangular card, printed on one side in green, black and white, with text and images promoting the heavy metal band Headshot.
Made: 2002

Used: Australian Rock Company; Sydney; 2002
Production date
129 mm
248 mm

 This text content licensed under CC BY-SA.
Acquisition credit line
Gift of Australian Rock Company Ltd, 2008
+ Australian rock music
+ Australian music
+ Advertising
+ Youth culture
+ Social issues
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