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Street banners celebrating the 150th anniversary of rail, 2005
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Street banners (2), 150th Anniversary of Rail, fabric, made for Railcorp, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2005
This pair of street banners was displayed as part of RailCorp's bid to promote the 150th Anniversary of Rail in New South Wales celebrations in 2005. Street banners provide businesses, charities and organisations the opportunity to create awareness of an upcoming festival, exhibition, celebration or event. These particular banners were displayed in the centre streets of Sydney and were visible to more than 600,000 people on a daily basis.

The 150th Anniversary commemorated the achievements of the New South Wales Railways since the first steam train hauled by Locomotive No 1, operated from Sydney to Parramatta in 1855. At this time, the New South Wales rail system was a modest 22km, but today it has grown to a complex, state-wide network covering more than 11,000km. Since the end of the era of steam hauled railways in the 1960s and 70s, diesel-electric locomotives have become the standard means of rail power (except for tourist trips along scenic routes) with the use of suburban electric trains in Sydney. The extent of the standard gauge New South Wales railway system truly emerged with the extension of standard gauge lines to other state capitals (such as Brisbane in 1930 and Melbourne in 1962).

These street banners help to encapsulate the fervour and atmosphere of the celebrations in 2005 and represent the type of advertising devices employed by RailCorp and the City of Sydney to promote the event.
These street banners would have been produced by a banner production company to the specifications of the City of Sydney Council. They are made from knitted polyester and hemmed on all edges.
These street banners were produced to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Rail in New South Wales. To celebrate the event, RailCorp arranged to have various memorabilia and promotional material produced to coincide with a series of year long events, many of which were organised in partnership with the Powerhouse Museum. The grand celebration weekend (Saturday 24th September - Monday 26th September, 2005) involved a re-enactment of the first official rail journey between Sydney and Parramatta; an exhibition of heritage rolling stock, models and artefacts at Central Station and various steam train rides.

In 2005, RailCorp (with the City of Sydney Council) arranged for the display of 226 banners to be displayed in the streets of Sydney. 26 were suspended along George Street from Bathurst Street to Park Street; 6 at Town Hall building; 29 along George Street from Liverpool Street to Bathurst Street; 16 along George Street from Goulburn Street to Liverpool Street; 27 along George Street from Goulburn Street to Hay Street; 46 along George Street from Hay Street to Railway Square and 77 along Eddy Avenue.

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Street banners (2), 150th Anniversary of Rail, fabric, made for Railcorp, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2005

Pair of large, red and green street banners made of fabric. The banners bear the 150th Anniversary of Rail commemorative logo and text.
The banners read '150 Years / of rail in / NSW / 1855-2005' with the 150th Anniversary of Rail commemorative logo under this. The logo says '150 years / NSW Railways / 1855-2005'.
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Gift of RailCorp, 2007
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