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Jumpsuit by Farmer's Young Sydney Shop, 1960 - 1970
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Object statement
Jumpsuit, womens, cotton / metal, made by Farmer's Young Sydney Shop, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1960-1970
This collection of clothing reflects a period of immense change in Australia's fashion landscape. Fashion in the 1960s was moving away from the unnaturally contrived silhouette of the cinched waist and voluminous petticoats synonymous with 1950s fashion. Dress shapes in the 1960s were simple with clean lines. The clothing featured in the collection embodies the essence of what was considered in the 1960s to be modern, youthful, daring and with the advent of the mini skirt, somewhat shocking. The garments are feminine in design, less structured and reflect the aesthetics and values of a burgeoning youth culture.

The youth of the 1960s wanted to be recognised as a 'class' separate to their elders and used fashion as a tool of rebellion. With money to spend and easy access to the contraceptive pill, this younger generation enjoyed a level of freedom unknown by previous generations. The fashion market responded accordingly to this growing youth consciousness. Inspired by London fashion, the mini symbolised the defiant attitudes of 1960s youth.

In a social and cultural context, the collection articulates the mood and identities of the 1960s generation. This collection is significant as it is representative of the progressive modernist aesthetic that the youth culture adopted in the 1960s.
The maker of the jumpsuit was Farmer's Young Sydney Shop between 1960 and 1970.

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Jumpsuit, womens, cotton / metal, made by Farmer's Young Sydney Shop, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1960-1970

Womens cotton jumpsuit printed in red, white and navy floral design. Jumpsuit has short sleeves, mandarin collar and centre zipper fastening with a large metal zipper ring, single side patch pocket at waist height and self fabric tie belt. Both parts are machine sewn and unlined.
Two white fabric labels inside centre back neck 'Farmers'/Young/Sydney/Shop', '...illeg...'.
Production date
1960 - 1970

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Acquisition credit line
Gift of Carmen McGreal, 2007
+ Australian fashion
+ Youth culture
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