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Theatre posters, 1961 - 1964
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Object statement
Posters (8), theatre, paper, various makers, used by Phillip Street Theatre / Phillip Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1961-1964
This group of posters is a graphic record of stage productions at Phillip Street Theatre and Phillip Theatre in Sydney. The posters document a thriving, non-subsidised commercial theatre production in Australia. They feature locally written productions and local productions of imported shows. William Orr, a Scotsman, pioneered the intimate satirical revue in Sydney in the 1950s. He took over the Mercury Theatre in Phillip St and re-opened it as the Phillip Street Theatre in 1954. Here he presented a long series of locally written 'Phillip Street revues' starring Gordon Chater, Margo Lee, Jill Perryman and others. The Phillip Street Theatre was demolished in 1961, at the time of Bobby Limb and Dawn Lake's production 'Out on a Limb'. Orr moved his company to the Australian Hall at 150 Elizabeth St, renaming it the Phillip Theatre. Ten years of revue productions followed, most notably 'A Cup of Tea, a Bex and a Good Lie Down' in 1965. The era of Phillip Street revues ended in 1971 when the Phillip Theatre changed hands and became the Mandarin Theatre, a cinema. These posters pre-date the rise of vernacular Australian drama in the late 1960s and 1970s. They are also significant in their graphic design, with some displaying effective visual communication in a style unique to the period.
The posters were made and used in Australia between 1961-1964. The designers and printers are unknown.
The posters were used by Phillip Street Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia between 1958-1964.

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Posters (8), theatre, paper, various makers, used by Phillip Street Theatre / Phillip Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1961-1964

Collection of eight assorted paper posters used to promote performances at the Phillip Street Theatre, Sydney. Posters include, 'The Importance of Being Oscar', 'A Wish is a Dream', 'Do You Mind', 'At It Again', 'Stop Press', 'Out on a Limb' and 'Beyond the Fringe'.
Made: 1961 - 1964

Used: Phillip Street Theatre; Sydney, New South Wales; 1961 - 1964
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Production date
1961 - 1964

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