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Table lamp designed and made by La Maison Desny, 1929 - 1937
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Object statement
Table lamp, glass / aluminium / cotton / plastic, designed and made by La Maison Desny, Paris, France, 1929-1937
French design company, La Maison Desny, made this table lamp between 1929 and 1937 in a modernist style, combining geometric forms with mass-produced materials that include glass and metal-alloy. Little is known about the company except that, during its brief history, it undertook some major interior design commissions for the King of Belgium, the French investment banker, Pierre David-Weill, and other wealthy patrons.

Established by two friends, M Desenet and Ren√© Nauny, at 122 Avenue des Champs-√?lys√©es in 1927, the company designed whole interiors as well as individual pieces for the office and home. However, it gained particular attention for its light fittings, usually made from layered, geometric plates of glass or metal. It also made chromed wall brackets, chandeliers and floor lamps and designed its fittings to illuminate an interior from several points instead of a central location. The collaboration ended in 1933 with the death of Desenet though the company may have continued to operate until 1937.

(Duncan, A. and Friedman, A., 'La Maison Desny' in DAPA, Summer, 1988, p.86-93)
The French design company, La Maison Desny, made this table lamp in between 1929 and 1937 from layered, square glass plates on an aluminium base. La Maison Desny's table lamps and wall-mounted lamps typically combined glass and aluminium whioch were anmong favoutirts Art Deco materials.

The Art Deco period spanned the years between the two world wars, and influenced all manner of contemporary art and design. Its most common expression was apparent in home furnishings decorated with extensive streamlining, geometric patterns and bold colour schemes.
Ian Neil Whalland (1963-1996) acquired this table lamp for his collection of twentieth-century decorative art objects. He lived in Sydney, and developed his collection during the 1980s and 1990s.

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Table lamp, glass / aluminium / cotton / plastic, designed and made by La Maison Desny, Paris, France, 1929-1937

A small table lamp featuring a layered glass shade and two rectangular glass feet supported on square mirrored base. A tapered aluminium shaft, attached to the base supports the stepped layers of square cut glass that increase and decrease in size, with the largest square positioned in the middle. The light globe is concealed in a space within the glass squares and is covered with a thin aluminium square that sits in the centre of the top layer of glass. The power cord is made from two plaited wires covered with black woven cotton. A white plastic on/off button is attached along the length of the cord.
No makers marks however marked on end of powercord with '439 / SERIES / 250\V / 10 A / GREEN'.
Production date
1929 - 1937
105 mm
105 mm

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Acquisition credit line
Bequest of Ian Neil Whalland, 1996
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Ian Whalland Collection
+ Lighting design
+ Art Deco
+ Domestic life
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