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H4813 Slide trumpet, brass, John Augustus Kohler, London, 1845-1850.
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Object statement
Slide trumpet, brass, John Augustus Kohler, London, 1845-1850.

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Slide trumpet, brass, John Augustus Kohler, London, 1845-1850.

Brass slide trumpet; embossed and engraved mounts; double spring action to return slide to original condition; one spring attached to end of slide internally through tubing; other spring may be attached externally to slide by way of button attached to length of wound gut if extra tension is required. Separate crooks and tuning sections for keys C, D, E flat, E natural. With slide in closed position the major scale on each note is available. Pulling slide out lowers pitch by a semitone, to enable chromatic notes to sound.
Made: 1845 - 1850
Marked: "T. Harper's improved, Manufactured by I. Köhler, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London".

Stamped: "124" (?) on outside of spring casing.

Stamped: "WW" inside cover of spring casing.
Production date
1845 - 1850
175 mm
625 mm
165 mm

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Acquisition credit line
Purchased 1946

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