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99/4/54 Doll house and accessories, wood/ matchsticks/ plastic/ metal/ nylon, homemade, Australia, 1950-1970
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Object statement
Doll house and accessories, wood/ matchsticks/ plastic/ metal/ nylon, homemade, Australia, 1950-1970
There is no maker's mark on the house or accessories. It appears to be an expertly finished home-made toy.

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Doll house and accessories, wood/matchsticks/plastic/metal/nylon, Australia, 1950-1970.

This doll house and accessories has several parts:

/1 The doll house itself is made from used matches. It sits on a platform made of matches laid four deep. The house is L-shaped with three rooms and a small porch/verandah at the front with balustrade made of matches. It has a hipped roof with 'tiles' and 'guttering' made from matches and a dormer window with a nylon curtain. This roof lifts off to expose the interior. The roof is wired with electricity so that a button under the dormer window activates lights. The walls are made of matches laid four deep, with matches on the external walls running horizontally and vertically on the internal walls. The rectangular sliding windows are made of clear plastic with small screws forming the handles. There are gathered nylon curtains at each end of the windows. The floors in the bedroom and sitting room are imitation wood linoleum and the kitchen has a multi-coloured flecked linoleum. All doors are made from matches and have large brass circular handles.

The lounge room has a picture of bamboo framed by matches attached to the wall. The furniture in this room is made of matches and is comprised of a two drawer and two door sideboard, 1950s style sofa, with brocade cushion, and two yellow cushions and a matching easy chair with two blue and white striped cushions. There are two white nylon curtains. An oversized silver vase with plastic roses stands in the corner.

The kitchen has a bench running the length of the wall with a metal top and hole cut for sink with is made from tin. 'Rosella Foods Pty Ltd Australia' is stamped on the sink. The bench has sliding doors in the centre and two drawers on each side. The doors and drawers have green wood handles stuck on sideways. There is a rectangular kitchen table with four chairs. A short nylon curtain covers the large rectangular window.

The bedroom has a bed with bedhead incorporating a drawer on each side. There is a diamond pattern in black painted matches repeated on various parts of the bed. The dressing table has a large oval mirror in the centre and four drawers, each with a projecting black wooden handle. There are three white nylon curtains over the windows.
Production date
1950 - 1970

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Acquisition credit line
Gift of the National Trust of Australia, NSW, 1999

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