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"Helice' floor lamp by Marc Newson,, 1993
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Object statement
Floor lamp, 'Helice', metal / glass / plastic, designed by Marc Newson, made by Flos, Australia / France / Italy, 1993.

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Floor lamp, 'Helice', manufactured in aluminium with a metallic silver-grey coloured finish, the surface coated in glossy clear lacquer, the lamp stands on a weighted base of lenitcular form (a compressed sphere) and has a shade of similar form and dimension supported on a tall and slender cylindrical stem, the stem has thickened ends which taper towards the middle and rises from a central aperture in the base to a central aperture in the shade, the lenticular shade is fitted with a bowl-like inset in deep blue glass below a tungsten globe and reflector and there is a clear glass disc covering the open top of the shade which is held in place with three metal clips, when the lamp is illuminated bright white light is reflected upwards and diffused blue light shines downwards through the aperture at the top of the stem, the power supply cord for the 230 V AC 50/60 HZ lamp runs to the base of the lamp and is fitted with a black plastic foot switch with dimmer and a three pin plug.
Designed by Marc Newson, Australia and France ; Manufactured by Flos, Italy, 1993.
Two manufacturers stickers attached to the removable rubber-coated base plate: 'FLOS / HELICE / PATENT PENDING / MADE IN ITALY / 1993' and '50/60 HZ / MAX 300W HD / 0.8 m.' ; the black plastic foot switch marked 'RONDO' on the top and 'LARELCO / MILANO / ITALY' (along with electrical specifications) under the base.
Production date
1800 mm
360 mm
360 mm

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Acquisition credit line
Purchased 1994

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