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2003/102/7 Cricket boots, pair, leather, manufactured by Nike in Indonesia, [1995]
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Object statement
Cricket boots, pair, leather, manufactured by Nike in Indonesia, [1995]
Since the advent of World Series cricket in the late 1970s, many cricketers have become full time professionals. Consequently there has been an expanded market for the manufacture of specialist cricket gear.

This pair of boots will be used with the pair in the collection from the 1930s (95/205/1) to show changes of style.
These shoes were made by Nike, Indonesia in 1995.

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Cricket boots, pair, leather, manufactured by Nike in Indonesia, [1995]

Pair of Nike white cricket boots with black edging around the opening, a black tick on the quarters and the manufcturer's logo on the heel. A tick against cricket stumps in rubber is sewn onto the tongue. There are punch holes on the vamp. The shoelaces are white. The soles are white with sections painted green. The manufacturer's logo, a white tick against a black background, is painted at the centre of the sole. Rounded spikes are moulded into the sole. A plastic label detailing shoe sizes and place of make is sewn onto the tongue.
Manufacturer's logo on heel, moulded in black 'NIKE/(tick)'. Logo in rubber on tongue, in white, black and maroon '(tick against cricket stumps)'. Place of make and shoe sizes printed onto plastic label sewn onto back of tongue, in black on white label 'MADE IN INDONESIA/FABRIQUE EN INDONESIE/950507 IW L ('L' within square)/(horizontal line)/US UK EUR CM/11 10 45 29/(horizontal line)/921005 102 00/(barcode)'.
Production date
125 mm
110 mm

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Acquisition credit line
Purchased 2003
+ Cricket
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